RETENTION – Major Challenge for Companies

Is Your Employee Thinking To Switch Over In Another Company..???

If Yes, then your company is in danger. Being an HR, tighten your belt and brace up yourself for preventing your employee from switching. It’s You! Who can do this…

To Look For a Change is a Big Issue… This is what every employee is looking for in every organization due to their tendency to get bored in a short span of time which leads to employee turnover and the solution to this problem is ‘Retention’.

Employee retention has become a major challenge for today’s companies in the current scenario. Why they think to switch over is an important factor to look through. Lucrative salary, flexible timings, better ambiance, growth prospects are some of the factors which prompt an employee to switch. Whenever a talented employee expresses his willingness to change the company, it becomes important for HR to intervene immediately and find out the reasons leading to the decision. So that employee retention strategies can be made to motivate the employees in order to make them stick to the organization for the maximum time and contribute effectively.

It is important to understand the reasons for employees turnover. Such as monetary dissatisfaction is one of the major reasons for an employee to look for a change. Today, where there is no dearth of opportunities, stopping people to look for a change is a big challenge. Unrealistic expectations from the job also lead to employees looking for other companies. It has become a common practice by the companies to lure the employees of a company and make them leave their current workplace for better career development opportunities.

After looking into the problems, the next is to curb with these problems. But how to do this is again a question. To my mind, the following steps can be taken by the HR of the company to retain the employees in his company. Whenever an employee resigns from his current position, the HR can intervene immediately to find out the reasons that prompted the employee to resign. The HR can sit with the employee and discuss the various issues face to face and resolve them.The HR must launch various incentive schemes for the top performers to motivate them. By monitoring their performance reviews the HR can ensure whether they are enjoying the work or not. The company is yours, its employees are yours, so you are responsible for them. Don’t let them leave your company as it is their company only!

“We can’t stop employees from leaving unless we have a plan to make them stay! So prepare it now because it takes months to find an employee and only seconds to lose one.”

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