How to impress the interviewer

Got an interview call. Preparing for your interview. Want to create a lasting impression. Well, you can do all this, you just have to build-in confidence in yourself and take special care of how you will be going to represent yourself to the interviewer. This is not very much difficult, you can do it by paying due attention to the following points:

Impression is very much important during the interview and you need to ensure that you can give your best.

Keep in mind that the interviewer pays attention to every thing that you say and  do. Everything is a test, and you must be well-practised to give your best without any difficulty. If you wish to get the job, then it is worth the hard time that you might face during the interview.

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Company related information: Go through the company’s website and have eyes on every important detail you must know about the company. Also you should be aware about the recent activities held by the company. You can score plus-one while sharing this with the interviewer.

Professional Appearance: As soon as you enter the cabin the very first thing, the
interviewer notices is your attire. Always try to wear decent and comfortable clothes while appearing for an interview. Try to be as professional as you can.

Communication Skills: Your communication skills are the second thing that is noticed by your interviewers. So work on it properly. It’s not mandatory to talk in English only, instead use the language you are comfortable with but make a clear and comprehensible communication. Don’t use alien phrases or jargons.

Body Language: Your body language speaks your confidence and personality. Sit straight and do not move your hands too much while speaking. Take extra care of your gestures and postures and try to use them in a subtle way.

Confidence: Be confident in your answers. Confidence is the best attire you can wear on and flaunt. Don’t stammer or get confused while answering. Avoid making blind guesses and instead be honest and accept if you make any mistake or don’t know the answer.

Listening Skills: One who listens patiently can understand properly what the interviewer is expecting out of him. Listen to him carefully, frame the answer in your mind and convey the same with full confidence. Good listening skills earn you good acceptance and preference as well at times.

Make eye contact and smile: Making eye contact and smiling to the interviewer signifies that you’re actually paying attention and engaging with the situation. This doesn’t mean stare blankly at your interviewer, but strive to hold eye contact for a few seconds at a time.
Smile and nod where appropriate. You should have such personality and it reflects that you’re paying attention to what’s being said.
Small tip for Voice modulation – Focus on keeping your tone of voice even and polite. Too soft and you’ll seem timid, too loud and you’ll seem domineering.

Extra Tip – Write down everything you remember — good and bad — as soon as you can after the interview. And send a thank you email to the interviewer about your experiences showing him some gratitude.

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