How to build interpersonal networking skills

The Idea of networking is very frightening for introverts.  All kind of terrible thoughts and reactions run into your mind.

There is nothing to fear my friends!

Here are some ways that can help you:



When you go to networking events you are surrounded by people it drains your energy and due to which you don’t feel comfortable in these events. You should try to rest and relax both before and after the event so that it is easy for you to communicate with people in these events.


If you are an introvert person networking events seem to you like an unending activity. You should come out of your comfort zone try to communicate with others and give yourself permission to share your opinions and interests with other people. If you want to overcome your hesitation you need to be friendly and frank and confident about your opinions. Interacting with other people will build your networks and will also help you in improving your communication skills.


You are in training. Networks will not come naturally to you. You have to build a skill. When you start developing networking or communication skills initially you will feel uncomfortable but at last, you will overcome your hesitation. This also means you must study and practice to develop a skill.


Many times it happens we get self-conscious when we interact with others. If you focus on the other person, it’s impossible to be self-conscious. It will also reduce your stress. Be there to figure out how you can help the other person and in doing that, you help yourself. This will also help you in motivating yourself.


You will lose your confidence if you try to use someone else as a benchmark for your networking behavior. We all have our strengths and weakness’. Be as good as YOU can be and be as good as your career goals demands. (Don’t compare your inside with someone else’s outside)

“Adapting with the workplace environment is key to your career

survival, growth, and advancement”.

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