How much you love your job?

“Job satisfaction – An attitude towards the job”

If in any organisation employees are satisfied with their job they carry a positive attitude with them for organization welfare.There is no definite way of measuring Job satisfaction.Job satisfaction is a result of employees perception of how well their job provides those things which are needed as well as important for them.

Effects of Job Satisfaction on employees performance in an organization:

Positive effect  -There is a saying that “Happy worker is a productive worker”.

1. High Productivity  2. Reduced Turnover  3. Improved Attendance   4. Lower Unionization

Negative effect -Unsatisfied employees have many issues such as –

1.Low Productivity  2. Poor Overall Performance  3.High Employee Turnover Rates  4.Job Stress

From the above discussion, it can be understood that there is the dynamic impact of job satisfaction in any organization.

The high satisfaction of employees results in less turnover of employees, ultimately all this increase corporate brand as well as productivity of the organization. As the overall performance of employee depends on its level of job satisfaction.

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