Do’s and Don’ts to make your communication skills effective .



Ability to communicate effectively is one of the important trait a person should posses.
We all are habitual of using electro-communication technique in this digitally sound world but then also we can’t forget the importance of face to face communication which is the most important and missing skill in youth.

Here are some mistakes you need to avoid:

1.Don’t use inappropriate words: It happens sometimes in nervousness or pressure you use incorrect words like “saying acrossed when you have to say across”. This creates a very wrong impression of yours. Try to use words correctly and avoid this type of mistake.

2.Interrupting the speaker: Don’t interrupt the speaker in between. It can happen accidentally or sometimes we get so excited about what we want to say. People think that interrupting in between is a power move. But it indicates that “you don’t want to hear what speaker is trying to say”.

3. Don’t laugh at everything: Laughing at everything shows that you are not interested in the conversation or you don’t have anything to speak on the topic. You should try to show your interest in the conversation.

4. Body language: You should have open body language. This means you should not cross your arms or sit cross legs or look down. Try to avoid these type of body language mistakes. Keep eye contact so that other person knows you are paying attention.

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