About The Training

  • Overview of Digital Marketing, including planning a website, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Optimization (SMO) and Social Media Marketing (SMM).
  • Use of modern technologies to integrate marketing.
  • Know how Search Engines Work.
  • Understand various techniques for making your website rank higher in search engine results.
  • Concept of SEO friendly content writing
  • Learn techniques to publicize your company on social platforms.
  • Understand how SMO optimizes your business site by advertising through social media sites, blog sites, online communities, podcasts, and message boards.
  • Know how Social Media Marketing helps to reach prospects and customers.
  • Viable measure the achievement of your website and increment your skillset of expertise with Analytics.

Who Is The Target Audience?

  • Digital Marketing training is beneficial for any individual who wants to become an expert in internet marketing best practices, particularly these professionals:
  • Retailing Managers
  • Internet Marketing Exec
  • Content Editors
  • Marketing and Sales Professionals
  • Business, Engineering, Management, and Communication Graduates
  • E-commerce owners
  • Entrepreneurs and Business Owners

What Are The Requirements?

  • Digital Marketing training is beneficial for anyone who wants to increase their brand loyalty and driving online sales.
  • NO AUTOMATION / CODING EXPERIENCE NEEDED, beginners will easily be able to follow this course.

What I Am Going To Get From This Course

  • You will learn the Basics of Digital Marketing and how search engines work
  • Great understanding of Google Algorithms
  • How to increase brand awareness through Internet Marketing
  • Techniques to increase search engine rankings of your websites
  • Learn how to generate traffic to the website, raising visibility and new customers.

I’m Interested in This Training