Daring roles of HR

It is not necessary that Human Resource has only positive effects on employees. Many of the times it happens HR needs to take some decisions that are not in favor of employees. The main purpose of an HR is the effectiveness of the organization and sometimes it happens HR needs to take some actions for the benefit of the organization but sometimes employees don’t consider it right for them. There is an opposite effect of these actions of HR and we call it the dark side of HR.
No matter whatever an HR do for benefit of organization someone or another will criticize it, distrust you or will hate you. It is not easy for an HR to take decisions, HR needs to be neutral, non-biased and at the same time, the decision should also be beneficial for the organization. In corporate world an HR needs to be enough competition to deal with people who are going to criticize your work, you need to have an appropriate reason behind every decision you make and be confident that your opinion is correct.
Here are some problems that HR face in the workplace:
1. If you are doing your HR job very well, sometimes your actions can directly or indirectly affect the personal lives, dreams, ambitions of other employees in the organization.
For example: At the time of recruiting or staffing candidates hoping for a career you are the one who let their hopes down by telling them that they are not selected.
2. You are the one who is going to forward or reject the proposals of subordinates. You are the link between the subordinate and the boss.
3. Sometimes it happens people don’t have any personal grudge against you initially. But when you are appreciated for your performance or your ideas other employees might get jealous of you and your work and they will try to let you down.
4. If there are weak managers working under you, they won’t do you any favor instead they will hide their mistakes or workplace problem by saying “ HR said”….or “ HR won’t let us”…
This approach of managers ultimately shows that HR is responsible for their mistakes and problems. But HR needs to deal with this type of situation and at the same time, HR needs to find out the solution of the occurred problem.

Despite all the negativity employees have for HR, an HR tries to impact employee’s lives in a positive way. HR also ensures that employees are rewarded fairly. HR helps managers to develop and execute strategies that make a business successful, which in turn creates jobs for lots of people and create a workplace that’s engaging, productive and where talented people can thrive and achieve their dreams.

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