Your culture is your brand

        “Culture is what happens when the managers leave the room-

doing what’s right in the absence of authority.”

Corporate culture refers to the manner in which companies employees behave, their attitude within the organization. It involves the behavior of top-level employees with bottom level. In every firm, their may be formal or informal culture developed among employees. Apart from this dealing with clients outside of the organization also comes under this culture. Corporate Culture is responsible for a Corporate brand of any Organisation.

Benefits of Strong Culture:

1. Identify- If in any corporate, for eg it works in a manner to meet all the needs of clients on time. This gives direction to employees to meet goals on time.

2. Retention- A strong organizational culture attracts great talent as well as it will able to retain that talent. When employees have to feel that they are part of the organization they feel connected and free to work in healthier and cooperative environment.

3. Image- Is something which is responsible for a brand of the company.If any company provides fun-loving corporate atmosphere, the customer will analyze that and make an image of that.

Culture sustains employees enthusiasm. Happy employees mean more Productivity, Positive corporate culture is one of the best motivation tools.

In a company, it is important to attain desired goals of the organization and for that Culture is that web in which all are tied up together.

  • How to create corporate culture?

If you want to create a culture that helps your business, For that company should work to build the culture from day one and as a continuous process, keep upgrading its policies according to market and employees needs and interest.

                                                “FOR ORGANISATIONS CULTURE IS DESTINY”

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