Why Python?

New Technologies are emerging day by day and IT companies are recruiting those candidates who are adapting new technologies. IT companies are focusing on the automatic process which helps software developers or software testers to build, run, testing and deploy applications to servers or data centers or cloud automatically. Several tools are available in the market to create this automation process. These tools are developed on different programming languages like Python, Ruby, Java, c# etc.

Why Python?
Python is playing crucial role in development of automatic process. IT engineers are using Python in following areas
1. Software development
2. Web development
3. Data science
4. Data mining
5. Web scraping
6. Machine learning
7. Data visualization etc.
8. Software testing

Tools like the tableau, Django, Selenium libraries for testing, Ansible etc are developed on Python programming language. In cloud services like AWS, Google cloud are using python to provides different services Lambda functions, EC2 with Boto, Identity access management etc.

Python is free and it is easy to learn as compared to other languages and easily interfaced with other programming languages. Here are following reasons which make IT aspirants to learn Python:

1. It is free, easy to learn and simple to implement.
2. It is future language because Python is using in every field in IT industry
3. It is a beautiful and elegant language that allows you to create same application or script in a few steps than other languages like Java if you want to print a Hello so you need to write more than one statements but in Python, you can print in one statement. We know you are also thinking that we can also use PHP to print in one statement but we can not use PHP in other development except web programming.
4. Python runs on all the major operating systems
5. Python has rich libraries packages and many add-ons to develop specific tasks.
6. It provides faster development and portability to application to run across different platforms.

So It is good to have a knowledge of Python and its rich libraries to develop or create your applications whether
You create applications for your clients
Your major projects
Your freelancing career etc.

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