Thoughts of job seekers and job searchers…!


Freshers are not Professional job seekers many times they need to perform some tasks that are uncomfortable for them. Freshers don’t feel comfortable as they need to perform some tasks that they haven’t done before, they feel awkward. As a result,  many job seekers primarily do those tasks that are easier for them and avoid the ones that are more difficult. They try to remain in their comfort zone, but to enter in the corporate world and deal with daily life situation everyone has to face some challenges, accept the environment and come out of their comfort zone. If you will remain in your comfort zone you can never think out of the box and can never cope up with the daily life situations.

The biggest obstacle most people face in doing the “HARD” things, is their own resistance in doing them. The best thing many people can do is to take the time and ask these questions to yours.

Am I only willing to do those things that are in my comfort zone, or am I willing to do whatever is necessary to land a new job in this market?

Wrestling with that question… and hopefully coming to the conclusion, and conscious decision that you are willing to do what’s necessary will greatly help you overcome the resistance. Whenever resistance arises within you, you can recall your commitment, decide to honor it, and move forward.

Most people haven’t made that intentional commitment to themselves, and so evading the “hard” things is not a problem for them… except for the lack of results.

Taking on a “job-search mindset”, and committing to do the things that are most effective whether they are easy or not, will dramatically improve the urge to do something effective.

Be willing to connect to a stream of new people you’ve never talked to before. Always asking for additional referrals that would be worthwhile to talk to about your search.

Find contacts through LinkedIn or other networking connections at companies you’re interested or have applied to and proactively call and talk than waiting and hoping for a call back on your application.

Make the effort to customize your resume each time you present it to a new company, emphasizing the most relevant skills and experience they are likely to be interested in.

Don’t ever let failure go to your heart and don’t ever let success go to your head.

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