Technology – A Force of Revolution For HR

Technology has proved a boon for HR in managing the activities of an organization. What technology has contributed and how it has helped in making the work easier might be a question and a solution as well to many questions. It can be said that technology has brought revolution in the working of HR. It has a significant impact on each activity of HR be it job posting, inviting applications from prospective candidates, providing training through virtual classrooms and the list goes on.

“Human Resources coupled with an emphasis on technology and professionalism is the quality structure of organization”

The impact of technology can be seen almost in every nook and corner of the organization when it comes to HR practices. Every HR manager is technologically sound to adopt various modern technologies and implement them for the effective working of an organization. The areas where the technology has proved a great help are as follows:

1. Recruitment using Digital Platform: Earlier days recruitment was done with the help of advertising on papers, pamphlets, etc. which used to take a number of days than required. With the help of technology such as the internet, it has become possible to post a number of jobs on the job portals using the internet which reaches to the masses.

2. Cloud Technology for Storing Data: Technology provides a huge amount of space for saving employees details and their work performances. These pieces of information are getting stored in the clouds. It becomes easy to access this information anywhere and at any time using the technology such as mobile phones, tablets, etc.

3. Accurate Performance Management: It is important for HR to keep a track of employees performance in an organization. And adding to this, it is more important to manage their work performance appropriately, timely and accurately. Because these are the sources for building their payrolls and salaries to be paid and doing performance appraisals of the employees.

4. Increase in Employee Engagement: Today, in most of the organizations, there are a large number of youths working to achieve their goals. And they considered being more tech-savvy than their bosses. Technology helps them to ease their work level and to perform the activities on time with the expected results. And ultimately to make them feel happy to work in a technologically-oriented organization. Thus leading to the increase in employee engagement in an organization.

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