Self improvement and self growth

“Self-improvement – key to self-growth” When freshers start entering into the corporate world, they understand the importance of self-improvement, they realize their drawbacks. Freshers are being analyzed and judged every day, supervisors test their work and tell them their mistakes and to be competitive enough individual needs to improve themselves. Self- improvement, and self-growth can […]

CORPORATE ETIQUETTES – A Culture of Today’s Organizations

Corporate Etiquettes refers to the good manners to be followed by every employee that is acceptable in working environment. Etiquette is the ways in which an individual behaves to create an impression on the society. As everybody wants the good image in everyone’s eyes, it becomes even more important to follow the etiquettes. And if […]

If and But to follow policies .

Every employee and organization bonding is very much depended on the HR Team. HR is the best connecting link between employees and Heads. Whenever new joints are there in any company, orientation programme is routed to welcome them and to greet them. Main resource person for orientation programme is “The HR” of the company. As […]