About Program

Software testing is a process of executing a program or application with the intent of finding the software bugs. Software testing is divided two types :
  1. Manual testing
  2. Automation testing
If we compare the manual testing & automation testing, as per market research there is a huge demand in automation testing especially Software testing training with Selenium tool(open source tool). In software testing industry, test automation has performed the tests or control the execution of tests and the comparison of actual outcomes with predicted outcomes with help of tools. Test automation can automate some repetitive but necessary tasks in a formalized testing process or perform additional testing that would be difficult to do manually.

What will you get by the end of the internship?

  • Understand what automation mean? When to use it?
  • Set selenium web driver, test suite, write test scripts along with different driven frameworks.
  • Manage any web element with different events like click and context click, get and set, drag and drop,...
  • Use selenium with different frameworks like keyword, data-driven, page object modeling
  • Use text file, excel file, a database for any driving test.
  • This program will give you the skills what you need to get a job in IT software testing industry.

Skill required

  • Basic software testing knowledge is required.
  • If you know basics of java, multithreading & collections API framework(recommend),.


Module 1: Basic Java

  • 1.1  Installing Java JDK, Eclipse editor and let them work
  • 1.2  Manipulating Eclipse for Java
  • 1.3  Java structure and syntax
  • 1.4  Variables int, double, char, String, Array, List, Boolean
  • 1.5  Operators =, +, /, %, <,>,<=,>=,++,--,==
  • 1.6  Conditions IF … Else and Switch … Case
  • 1.7  Loops and controls For loop, While loop, Do loop
  • 1.8  Methods in Java returning and void methods
  • 1.9  Access modifiers public, protected default, private, static, final

Module 2: Advanced Java

  • 2.1  Structure of Object Oriented Programming in Java
  • 2.2  Defining a Class and creating Object of it
  • 2.3  Constructors
  • 2.4  Interface
  • 2.5  Abstract class
  • 2.6  Overriding and Overloading
  • 2.7  Polymorphism in Java
  • 2.8  Inheritance extends and implements
  • 2.9  Java File Input/Output stream for reading from and writing to a file
  • 2.10  Using Apache POI to read and write from excel file
  • 2.11  Java JDBC for connecting to databases and data manipulation

Module 3: Webdriver introduction

  • 3.1  Brief Introduction of Selenium Webdriver APIs..
  • 3.2  Setup Java, Eclipse
  • 3.3  Basics of Java Programming
  • 3.4  Create Project and Write a Java program and execute in Eclipse
  • 3.5  Web Application

Module 4: Junit

  • 4.1  Writing test case in Junit
  • 4.2  Junit Annotations
  • 4.3  Junit Assertions
  • 4.4  Junit Parameterization
  • 4.5  Junit Test Suite to run multiple test cases together
  • 4.6  Junit Test Runner to run multiple test cases together

Module 5: TestNG (Testing Next Generation)

  • 5.1  TestNG test cases
  • 5.2  TestNG annotations, grouping, dependencies and prioritization
  • 5.3  TestNG parameterization and data provider
  • 5.4  TestNG data driven testing using parameterization and data from excel file
  • 5.5  TestNG Reporter for high level reporting
  • 5.6  TestNG XML file for test suite management
  • 5.7  TestNG multi browser testing
  • 5.8  TestNG multithreading
  • 5.9  TestNG reporting

Module 6: Test Framework Approaches

  • 6.1  Keyword Driven Framework
  • 6.2  Data Driven Framework
  • 6.3  Page Object Modeling Frameworks
  • 6.4  Page Factory
  • 6.5  Hybrid Framework

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What type of services Talentspiral provide?

Talent Spiral provides trainings to IT and Management candidates with Live project experiences. We also deals with product services like Web- App Development , Digital Marketing and IT Staffing.

Mode of training is class room based or video streaming?

We train people with both the medium , whichever is comfortable for them.

How interns are hired?

We do hiring on the basis of assessment test followed by GD and PI.

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