INTERNSHIP – An Art to Get A Job

Thinking to look out for a job? But wait… Do you have the competent skills, knowledge, and know-how of completing the designated task by your employer? Think! Take a step back… And prepare yourself first for the desired job. Here the question arises how to prepare. Well, the answer to all your questions is – Internship. An internship is an opportunity provided by the employers to the students or potential employees to work in an organization, as an intern, either part time or full time, to gain some work experience. Why it is important to go for doing an internship and what benefits do we get, has been discussed in the points mentioned below, which will help you to understand the significance of internship in today’s time.


An Apple to Employers Eyes: Employers love to see an internship learning of the candidates which makes him aware about his experience. The type of work he has performed in an organization and his contributions speaks a lot about the candidate capabilities and acquired skills during an internship. Therefore, it becomes important to look for an internship in some good organizations.

To Get Hands-on Experience: During the internship, interns are assigned with some practical tasks to be performed by their own. In this way, the internship provides hands-on learning experiences that make the candidates more competitive in the job market. This helps the candidate in maintaining professionalism and takes on the responsibility of performing the tasks on time with accuracy. Hence, it can be said that internship provides valuable experience to the prospective candidates and students as well.

Works as Magnet to get Job Offer: The internship programs are designed to get job offers by the interns. But before grabbing the job offer, it is necessary to apply for doing internship from a good organization in order to enhance your skills to match up to the organizational expectations which are offering a job. The more you take an internship, the more are the chances of getting a good job. And the better you perform, the better are the chances of getting a full-time job in the same organization.

Builds a Better Resume: Resume is the first thing to look up by the Employer. Strong resume creates a deep impact in the mind of the employer. Internships act as the key to build experiences. Employers look for internship and work experience in resume. Therefore, internship acts as a great attribute in building your resume better.

Builds Network and References: Internship helps in building networks throughout the corporate world. Building network is as important as getting experience because these connections can help you in looking for the desired job. It allows the interns to connect with the professionals working in the same field and learn how to communicate in the professional environment. Building network with the people you are working with can be referred to as a professional reference.

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