If and But to follow policies .

Every employee and organization bonding is very much depended on the HR Team. HR is the best connecting link between employees and Heads.

Whenever new joints are there in any company, orientation programme is routed to welcome them and to greet them. Main resource person for orientation programme is “The HR” of the company. As whatever they will be casting to new joiners, they will the first and last impression of that company.

The most important component of orientation is ” Organisational Policies” the most lively session.As no employee is 100 percent satisfied with terms and conditions. And many questions arise.

So, HR should have the ability to cast the things with a positive throw and evolve employee personnel benefits like family insurance and other reimbursements.

If and But are the very common thing in this type of discussion, but the person tackling and change the aura. And make a favourable environment for an employee for agreeing on the policies.

Talent Spiral has this power to generate the positive attitude of HR interns and to make them adaptable.

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