How to grow your career in java !

Java is high in-demand programming language. It’s a most prominent programming language for Android smartphone applications, testing tools, DevOps tools and is among the most recommended for the internet of things and edge device development. Most of Software testing companies are using Java in terms of writing the code in Selenium webdriver and if we talk about the salary package as a tester with selenium web driver you will get good numbers in your account as compared to other fields.

As you can see above, java is the most widely used universal in the industry. Once you land a job, depending on experience you can work on different domain where java is used prominently are as follows:

  • Big Data: Hadoop MapReduce framework is written using Java.
  • Android: Applications are either written in Java or use Java API.
  • Financial services: It is used in server side applications.
  • Banking: To deal with transaction management.
  • Stock market: To write algorithms as to which company they should invest in.
  • Retail: Billing applications that you see in a store/restaurant are completely written in Java.
  • Scientific and Research Community: To deal with huge amount of data

Career Path in Java

Junior programer: As a junior programer your responsibility will primarily consist of coding, participating in code reviews,debugging, and technical documentation. You will remain in this position the first 3-4 year of your career and you should concentrate your energy to understand java ecosystem and getting certified in one or more area.

Senior programmer: As you get experience, knowledge and certifications, you transite in to a senior programmer role where you will have increasing responsibilities, mentoring junior programmer as well as getting involved in the overall design and implementation of software and you should expect  be involved in the coding, and customer facing role where you might have to train the users (internal or external) of your software.

Architecture: At this stage with, 10+ years of experience in this domain, you could land on an architect-level role which includes duties of interfacing with clients of your software and customer,collecting and analyzing requirements, and responsibility for the overall architecture of the system. You can also handle the on an increasingly managerial role including interfacing with upper management.

Manager: After all above experiences you are now into the management track equipped with more certifications and managerial skills under your work area. Now your duties are more increased with overall responsibility for software delivery, budgeting and financial management and interfacing with senior management.

Application areas:

Back-end developer: This area is most in demand and offers wide variety of career opportunities. A back-end developer writes code for the back-end servers which include database servers, web servers and application servers. To be proficient in the back-end stack you required the following domain:

  • EJBs or Enterprise Java Beans
  • Spring is used in many organizations in place of EJBs
  • Hibernate is used for persistence
  • SQL is required in many projects, big and small
  • JSP and Servlets take care of the web server stack
  • REST services are used to expose an API to the web service

Big Data Developer: This is a very fast-growing career platform as more and numerous companies are looking to leverage large data sets for variety of decision making and business intelligence.  A Big Data developer specializes in working with large datasets. For this position, a candidate must to have knowledge of:

  • Hadoop, which was the first platform to bring Big Data to the masses
  • Spark which has made progress in recent years
  • Pig is a language for writing big data processing jobs
  • MapReduce is the technology underlying processing big data

Android Developer: Android is based on java, it must needed to use java for developing an android application of any level of complexity beyond the basics. Once you understands basics of android platform your career path get exponentially touch the sky. Every company with any kind of web presence or e-commerce offerings must have an Android (and iOS) application to remain relevant.

Other careers you can opt after the attending the Java program.

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