Do you always used to draw something on whatever thing you having at that free time?

On white paper ? on someone’s skin ? or even on your own clothes.

Is your handwriting followed stylish pattern?

If yes then congratulation because you already having a creative soul, just need to guide yourself and turn it into a profession.

Graphic designing is something which is completely fun loaded , interesting and never gets you bored , you immediately get engaged in this and starts to work with your full heart and soul .

So find your interest because if you like what you do then you produce more good result.

It’s a ubiquitous thing

Wherever you see , wherever you roam you’ll only find graphics and designs because it’s everywhere, even you’ll get inspiration from tree’s shadow to the sky above on you, from the clothes you use to the movie you see.

Build your career in this

If you get reminded while reading this blog that you too do things likes this then you can for sure build your career in graphic designing.

What you need to do is find some good institute around the place you live or moreover many of the websites like udemy , pause n learn give online classes so you can easily learn this ubiquitous thing from your home and else Talent spiral is also a good platform to learn, with its flexibility and highly qualified teachers you’ll learn quickly and more interactively.

Future aspects

Those who learn this skill having a very bright future.

A graphic designer can work as a freelancer and can be a designer of any firm

can be a roto artist.

And if you’re planning to earn in millions then you can integrate this skill with UI/UX designing which is an extreme level of graphic design.

Life of a graphic designer

Unlike developers who bounded to seat in a close environment, designers having freedom of that they can do their work in an open environment ,on couch , in lawn , wherever they feel creative because creativity is something that can’t come under a bounded place or in a sophisticated environment , creativity comes by itself and all the HRs ,MDs know this thing.

So being a graphic designer is worth suitable and designing is something in which the more you get engaged the more you like it.

More about graphic design

Two types lies under the graphic designing

Still graphics & Motion graphics,

Posters,flyers,logo,magazines,newspaper,brochures,all kind of cards come under the still graphics where else bugs,gifs,short animation are the motion graphics things.

Area of graphic designing is very vast ,many different software like

PHOTOSHOP,ILLUSTRATOR,IN DESIGN,AFTER EFFECTS,CORAL DRAW and etc. you need to learn for designing graphics.

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