CORPORATE ETIQUETTES – A Culture of Today’s Organizations

Corporate Etiquettes refers to the good manners to be followed by every employee that is acceptable in working environment. Etiquette is the ways in which an individual behaves to create an impression on the society. As everybody wants the good image in everyone’s eyes, it becomes even more important to follow the etiquettes. And if you want your promotion to happen soon, you must go for following corporate etiquettes that should be visible to your boss. How can you do so? By behaving sensibly and appropriately at the workplace. One needs to be professional and organized to create a lasting impression. Well, the behavior of an employee at the workplace earns him respect and appreciation.

“Etiquette is what you are doing and saying when people are looking and listening. What you are thinking is your business.”

There are so many types of corporate etiquette that needs to be followed in every organization. Let us learn about some of them in brief and understand about the do’s and dont’s at the workplace.

E-mail sending: While sending e-mails to the corporates, special care must be taken regarding the subject, salutation, greetings, signatures and the content of the e-mail. Going more in detail, let you know about different fields such as To, Cc, and Bcc. All of these has their own significance and you should know when to use what. You should write an e-mail id of that person in ‘To’ from whom you are expecting the answer to your mail. In ‘Cc’ write to those to whom you are just giving information and in ‘Bcc’ add those people where you do not want to let them know that the same mail has been forwarded to someone else also other than you.

Meeting with the Boss: ‘Think before you speak’. This is what you should do before keeping your points in front of the boss in a meeting. Jot down the points on which you have to discuss with your boss so that you will not have to face any awkward situation and you can say everything to your boss confidently. Another important thing is to knock before entering into the boss’s cabin and carry notebook and pen so that you can make note of the important points while discussion with the boss and keep them as a reference for future.

Office Etiquette: Your organization pays for your hard work so never adopt a casual attitude at the workplace. Respect each other’s privacy so don’t peep into others cubicles or workstations. Don’t play blame games and avoid nasty politics at the workplace. Keep your organization neat and clean and throw all the unwanted papers in the dustbin. Don’t try to criticise or make fun of the colleagues this may cause distress among the employees. One must follow the policies of the organization.

Telephonic Communication: Always follow the line of communication to make your information reach to the desired person properly and timely. When talk about telephonic communication one must take care of certain points and they are like address yourself first to the person you are talking to, tell him the purpose of calling, listen carefully and don’t interrupt in between, provide solutions to all his queries and follow up.

Adding more types to the list are dining etiquettes, dressing etiquettes, employer and employee etiquettes, visiting card etiquettes and so on. So gear up yourself and try to be perfect in whatever you do. This is the way to achieve success and to be a role model to other employees in an organization.

Have Good Business Etiquette – Always introduce people, hold the elevator, chew with your mouth closed, introduce yourself on the phone, practice a firm handshake, and forgo ‘no problem’ for ‘you’re welcome’.

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